sweet surrender…

The sound of your voice

When you say my name

How you say my name

Where you say my name

The fervor you breathe down my neck

Standing hairs on my back

Exciting the butterflies in my tummy

Transmitting little shock waves of electricity through my system

You light me up

The war you wage

When you touch me

How you touch me

Where you touch me.

The fires of desire you kindle into a blaze,

A raging inferno that leaves me in a daze.

All my defenses burn down


by bit

by bit

I utterly fall to you.

Drenched in sweat,

Yours and mine

I let go

Sweet surrender.

A willing prisoner

A captive of our passion


The journey…

Here it starts…

I chose to travel these parts. 

No one asked me to but this road i must travel

They said it will be rough

I believe it will make me tough

So, I journey further on this road I must travel

my first steps have been trying

sometimes I can’t help crying

I feel like turning back,

yet this is is one road i must travel

my next steps will be worse, I hear

I might break down or wear out, I fear

but I won’t stop going,

this road I must travel

I know what awaits me at the top

so nothing will ever make me stop

In style, I will make it to the end

of this road i must travel.

The Midnight Train

I love Fun. Yes, I do love to have fun but in this case, not that fun, Fun. Fun of we are young fame, Fun of some nights fame. Yes that Fun. I think their song, some nights is my all time favourite, where Fun is concerned that is (I must confess I do get around a lot when it comes to music).

“some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
Some nights I call it a draw
Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights I wish they’d just fall off…

Oh, Lord, I’m still not sure what I stand for…”

Tonight is definitely one of those nights, some nights (oh, and I do have loads of them). Call it self assessment, call it reflection, call it whatever but I’m not sure about the image I see. Okay wait, I think I’m sure about the image I see… do I like it? I don’t think so.

Some nights, like this one, I stay up wondering where I’m headed. The point is, I know where but the how seems to be the problem. The route I’m on seems suspect! And as if that isn’t enough, all the times I’ve let my self  and others down, all the wrongs I’ve done, all the things I’ve tucked away so carefully, away from the world’s eye, some nights, like this one, they all come tugging at my conscience. And my mistakes,  the ghosts from my past and my deepest fears…they just won’t let me be.

Some nights, like this one, I’m sure my train of thought is on a crush mission. And then I think of John Mayer’s “stop this train” I definitely want to get off. And then I think of one “one of these nights” by The Eagles, yeah, one of these crazy old nights we are going to find out. And just when I’m sure I don’t know where I’m going with this Piece of Ess, I think of a friend’s post, say it with music. If I were to pick a song for moments like these, you can bet your last cedi I’ll pick some nights by Fun. okay wait! don’t bet just yet cos I might just pick stop this train by John Mayer. Now that’s the problem, I’m never really sure what I want…

“…most nights I don’t know anymore…”


Life goes on….
One thing I’ve grown to believe about life in recent times. There really is no point holding on to the past. It just drags you back and keeps you down. When it’s done it’s done, life goes on, move on!

It may hurt you, tear you apart, break you down but so long as it doesn’t kill you, It gives you that opportunity to build a resistance to it. If you put your mind to it, you can even become immune to. If care is not taken though, you become a chronic carrier of bitterness and so much more.

There are certain things in life that we just can’t grasp. Nobody said it’s bad to ask questions or find answers. Sometimes we’ll kill to know the WHAT, WHY, WHERE and HOW it happened. We try so hard to unravel the mystery but there may just be one answer; NO ANSWER.

How’s that even right? I’m part of that school that believes that there is a reason for the reason for the reason why, what happens how and where it does. But the point is; do you know? Is there any chance you would? And wait how long would that take? Is it even relevant?

Please don’t mention closure. It’s so over rated! Half the time i think that word closure was invented to keep things dragging.  Usually, we waste time dwelling on some aspect of our lives that probably was in its self a waste of time. What is the point?  Every single moment of life comes with a different lesson. There will be loads of tough times but you’ve got to roll with the punches and tell yourself you can get through it.


Cry if you need to, pray to God (He’s always got your back), shout, scream, jump up and down, keep a journal, write unsent letters, talk to yourself in the mirror, hang out with friends, make some if you have none, draw, learn something new, start a blog or something. Use those moments to heal and chalk the rest up to faith, hope and time. Life won’t wait for you, it goes on and you’ve got to keep up, move along. Take it one day at a time, in the end it all works out for good.

So I felt the need to close with something I read  by Rori Raye on closure recently; “Don’t need to close anything. Leave all doors be, let air move through, around, against, up and down all the open and half-closed and slightly ajar and slammed shut doors of our lives, until the doors finally disappear on their own, from misuse.  Let the cobwebs gather around the old patterns, let the old pain drift away, let things crumble as they will. No closure – just movement.  Moving forward, onward to Happy Ever After.”

Let’s make each second count…

So i stumbled upon this piece of me from way back…. Kinda reminds me of Olivia Pope and Pres. Fitzgerald Grant. My scandal watchers would definitely catch my drift by the end of this post *winks*.


Anyways that’s beside the point… let’s make each second count…;

we do not possess the luxury of time
let’s not waste this moment                                      
now that we are together
let’s  make each second count


before the sun comes up
you’ll be gone
back to your rightful place
knowing that you are not mine to hold forever
tears my heart apart
but as you lay here by my side
let’s make each second count


hush now my darling one
do not say another word
and i’ll shed no other tear
cos with each word and each tear
time draws closer
so let’s make each second count
as you lay here in my bed
shining like the star you are
who will be gone with the night when morning comes
let’s make each second count


hold me tight and don’t let go
let’s make memories together
when day breaks and you have to go
they’ll be all i’ll have to hold and to keep
so let’s make each second count

you keep talking about that day
far off in the distant future

when you’ll come and never leave
and you’ll be mine to keep or lend
but until then speak no more
and i’ll cry no more
let’s make each second count


as you lay here next to me
Let’s make the earth stop spinning
and time stop and stare
And the gods smile with joy
Let’s make the moon green with envy
and the world our very own
before the Golden rays of the sun begin to trickle in
before she awakes to find you gone
let’s make tonight, the night to remember
let’s make each second count

it starts now…

The little salesman with the infectious smile…

On the 8th of August 2011, my dad’s birthday, I met a boy, a young boy, about 12 years old. I met him in Bolga. I was having a drink with my dad when he came carrying some stuff for sale. Photo albums and diaries are what I remember but he had a lot more.

Said his name was Auguste from the neighbouring Burkina Faso. He said he usually comes to Ghana during the holidays, sells, makes some money and returns to Burkina when school resumes.

He wasn’t selling the stuff for anyone, they were his. He had great salesmanship and excellent bargaining skills. He had this infectious smile I can’t seem to forget. In his eyes I saw greatness. I saw a boy who knew what he wanted and had set out to get it. He had dreams and he was working to make them come through.

I asked him why he didn’t sell in Burkina  and in broken English, he told me the market was better here in Ghana.  I wanted to get his phone number but he didn’t have a cell phone. I wanted to be a part of his life. I wanted to watch his progress in delight. I wanted to help whenever he needed it. I wanted to learn what I could from him.

The day I saw Auguste, I saw the beginnings of a great man and as he walked away, I knew I may never see him again but I also knew I may never forget him. And all I could do was wish him well as I watched him walk away carrying his goods.

I pray life treats him well. I hope he has a great life and I wish him a long life. I pray that the Lord keeps his dreams alive and I pray for a chance to meet Auguste one more time; the little salesman with the infectious smile….

Torn between

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Don’t make me choose cos I can’t
I’m confused
Don’t test me now, I shall fail
I don’t have the answers
Don’t ask me why, I don’t know
I love you, I love you.

With you, there’s a storm in my heart I can’t calm
A river of emotion that needs to flow
A flame of passion I can’t quench
You take me into a world so bright and beautiful,
I forget my pain and I feel like dancing
You smile at me and everything fades away
Just you and I, and three little words in my head
I love you


And with you, there are so many places I didn’t know I could go.
A rediscovery of me that blows me away
A train of thought I can’t catch
You take me to a place that’s beyond my imagination
I let down my hair and do the unthinkable
You touch my hand and I lose all my senses
One look in your eyes and it hits me
I love you too

Don’t put me there, I won’t fit
It’s too tight
Don’t throw me out, I’ll be lost
I can’t find my way
Don’t ask me who, I don’t know
I love you, I love you two


i love soccer…

Well, it looks like I finally got round to this (blogging). My friends tell me it’s been long overdue. So I thought I’d start with something I should have posted centuries ago. So here’s to wasted years, here’s to new beginnings, here’s to brighter tomorrows. I hope you like it…but if you don’t, I still love soccer. Enjoy…



I’m looking at this guy whose team just lost a match and I think he wants to cry. He’s sitting down quietly and playing with an empty bottle. He’s hanging his head so low, his chin’s almost touching his chest.I feel bad.

The moment he entered the study room where I’m drawing, I asked, “which team won?” “Chelsea” he replied as he opened a bottle of water and

article-0-12C068F7000005DC-133_634x441drunk. I thought there was a smile playing on his lips. So I pressed on, probably because I wanted to make conversation. “Your team?”  He replied this time with a shake of the head. I sent a consolatory message  to my Barcelona supporting friend and went back to what I was doing. My assumption was that, he was one of the many guys, neither Chelsea nor Barcelona fans, who were there to hate on one of the two teams. In comes my die-hard man-u fan of a friend. In such high spirits, he was yelling taunts at Barcelona amid praise at Chelsea. That was when I noticed the guys pained expression as he stared at my friend who busily lashed out at Barca. I then inquired and found out the guy in question was a Barcelona fan. I felt very bad, I should have noticed when he came in. Beats me, how I didn’t notice the sadness in his eyes.

mourinho cristiano ronaldo crying cry barca barcelona barcablog madrid

It just dawned on me how difficult it must have been for him to answer that first question I asked when he came in. ” Which team won?”. I must have been pouring salts in his cuts. I tried to apologize but I stopped mid-way because I didn’t think he needed that then.

The beauty of football still amazes me. When I say I love soccer, I know what I mean. It goes beyond that game of twenty-two men chasing one ball. I love the ability it has to arouse all these emotions. I love how it can make grown men cry, enemies hug and kiss, nations forget their troubles, at least for a while.

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Sometimes I can almost swear it makes the whole world so still and quiet you can hear a pin drop in Europe all the way from Africa. And I love the roar G-O-A-L!!!!!, right after that split second silence. Yes! Call it the calm before the storm.